Hand & Elbow Pain

Do you have difficulty picking up your cup in the morning?  Does the thought of typing at your computer make your hands ache? Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel pain can slow you down and prevent you from doing a lot of the daily activities you need to do to get through the day.  

Tennis elbow or Lateral Epicondylagia is typically caused from repetitive movements like tennis or typing, exercising, etc.  If left untreated, it can become a very painful and debilitating injury.  

Do you have pain or numbness in your thumb, pointer and middle fingers?  Does shaking hands relieve your symptoms or do your symptoms get worse at night?  If so you might have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

If you think you have either of these diagnoses or pain or perhaps other dysfunction that is affecting your arm, give us a call today – we want to help you regain the function you need to enjoy your life.