Our mission is to give everyone in our community the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, happy muscles.

Our muscles need movement, hydration and healing blood flow to stay in a happy place. When we hunch over a computer, reach our PR in Crossfit, hike a few extra miles because the weather was great, we can end up with some pain.

At That’s The Knot Physical Therapy, here in Bentonville, AR, we specialize in getting those painful knots out, so you can get back to the trail/presentation/MURPH.

We use Trigger Point Dry Needling to relax your achey muscles and get you feeling better in about 20 minutes. If you are worried about surgery, addictive painkillers, or painful injections – come see us for a drug-free healing solution!

“As I discussed with you recently, my right shoulder muscle was locked up and I could barely move my head to the right. I tried a Chiropractor three times, had two massages, nothing seemed to give me any relief. You recommended dry needle therapy, I just wanted to report that this was well received. My shoulder is fine now and I am back swimming 1200 meters as I was before. Thanks again!” – Mike B.

What Is A Knot?

Have you ever put your hand on a body part and felt a “lump” under your skin?  That is what is known as a muscle spasm, a knot or a trigger point.  Some knots are painful while others are not.  Over time, small knots can turn into bigger ones and cause problems like limited mobility or worse, pain.

Knots can be caused by many factors.  Major trauma like a car accident will immediately put muscles into spasm.  However, repetitive stress injuries like poor posture at a computer or hunched over your phone can cause microtrauma, which slowly over time causes the same shortened, painful muscles.  Hardcore athletes and weekend warriors alike can develop knots from regular exercise and activity.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Knot?

Getting rid of painful knots is actually pretty simple and doesn’t take up to much of your precious time.  We propose a quick and effective solution:

Trigger Point Dry Needling. 

With Trigger Point Dry Needling, many people have been able to come off of or avoid the use of painkillers, stop getting painful injections and avoid surgeries.

Plus, it just feels good.

"When I came in with my pulled calf muscle, they had to carry me in. There was no way for me to stand. Dr. Robertozzi told me he can get me walking in an hour. I honestly did not believe him. In 30 minutes in his session, I was able to stand. After the full hour I was walking with a limp! He gave me stretches to do at home and by the next day I was jumping on my leg like nothing happen. No medication was needed. I am a firm believer in what they do and I will be recommending them to anyone." - Juan D